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MAMA Seattle was started in October 2006 as an informal group of attorney mothers. Its founders, Rachel Black and Lorraine Lewis Phillips, recognized that attorney mothers face unique challenges in light of the demands of the profession, such as longer work hours, pressure to generate business and network, and difficult travel schedules. Since its founding, MAMA Seattle has grown dramatically and has served to inspire the founding of sister organizations in cities across the country, including San Diego, Sacramento, Denver, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Honolulu. Links to these groups can be found under our Resources tab. If you would like more information about starting a MAMA group in your area, please contact us at We can help you get started today!

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Welcome to MAMA Seattle

The Mother Attorneys Mentoring Association of Seattle ("MAMA Seattle") was founded in 2006 in an effort to empower attorney mothers and encourage them to succeed while celebrating their roles as attorneys and mothers.  We are devoted to furthering the interests of mother attorneys in Seattle, in the surrounding areas, and throughout the nation. 

MAMA Seattle is intended to be a source of support for attorney mothers, a place where they can network, share experiences, learn from each other, problem solve, and talk about issues they face in a supportive environment. 

MAMA Seattle aims to enhance the recognition of mother attorneys in the profession and community; promote the advancement of mother attorneys within the profession; facilitate the achievement of work-life balance; provide a forum for informing members and the legal profession about issues of particular concern to mother attorneys; facilitate the transition for attorney mothers who have taken time off and wish to re-enter the profession; support mother attorneys contemplating alternative work schedules or extended leaves of absence; and increase the interaction between mother attorneys of diverse backgrounds and practices. 

MAMA Seattle meets once a month, with our children, which sets us apart from any other attorney organization in Seattle. These monthly events provide attorney mothers with a forum to network, socialize, and problem solve in a supportive and child-friendly environment. The meetings usually take place at the Kids' Quest Children's Museum or other local child-friendly venues. Our summer picnic is held at a public park.

MAMA Seattle also sponsors lunch seminars every month. These meetings include panel discussions addressing topics of particular interest to attorney mothers.

MAMA Board members and their kids before the 2009 Summer Picnic.