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Ladder Down

MAMAs is proud to co-sponsor a remote-only Ladder Down program for 2021, a year-long business development and leadership training program for select participants. Accepted participants commit to a one-year program in which they will discover their strengths, hone their self-advancement skills, and make important career connections through large and small group sessions and panel presentations led by a combination of experienced coaches/faculty, attorneys, and judges in the Seattle community. The program is open to women from all practice areas and experience levels, including in-house lawyers, government lawyers, and lawyers in private practice.

Applications are due December 15th. The program begins in January each year and runs for 12 months. Tuition for the remote-only 2021 program is $800. Partial scholarships may be available to MAMAs members based on need and availability.

Applications are available here: Download Application
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What is Ladder Down?

Ladder Down is an innovative, national program for women attorneys at all levels of practice to hone their leadership and business development skills. A year-long intensive program for approximately 20-24 female attorneys, Ladder Down encourages women attorneys to “hold the Ladder Down” to help each other succeed through networking and cross-referrals. The program features workshops lead by nationally recognized career coaches who specialize in assisting women attorneys build a book of business and rise through corporate counsel ranks. The program is open to all practice groups.

Through monthly training and small group accountability sessions, which are remote-only for 2021, MAMA Seattle’s Ladder Down participants focus on:

Business Development Boot Camp: Four large-group sections (via Zoom) and several small group sessions guided by Marianne Trost ( address developing and sustaining client relationships, increasing visibility, and improving self-advocacy in ways that are specifically geared for women lawyers. For 2021, the focus will include developing business remotely.

Leadership Training: In two large group settings and one small group setting (via Zoom), experienced business consultant Lynn Moran ( works with to increase self-awareness, improve communication skills, and understand conflict resolution styles.

Mentors, Champions, and Role Models: The program focuses on identifying mentors and champions and the importance of “paying it forward.” These sessions feature interactive panel discussions with local judges, law firm leaders, women rainmakers, and in-house counsel, many of whom are past Ladder Down class members who have successfully implemented techniques, strategies, and networking taught in the Ladder Down program.

Small Group Sessions: Small group sessions (via Zoom) supporting each monthly session are led by Marianne Trost and Lynn Moran. In these sessions, class members establish and track individual goals, design implementation strategies, discuss challenges and successes, and check in for accountability. Small group sessions encourage members to provide each other with support, suggestions, and accountability and build relationships.

The tentative Ladder Down 2021 program schedule is listed below, and the application link is above. We welcome all MAMAs members to apply for an exciting year of making connections while enhancing your business development and leadership skills!

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2021 Ladder Down – Seattle Program Schedule (Tentative)

(Dates/times subject to change)

Friday, January 15th
5:00 – 6:00 pm
Welcome Reception

Saturday, January 16th
8:30-11:30 am
Leadership Development – Part 1

Saturday, February 6th
8:30-11:30 am
Leadership Development – Part 2

Lunch, day/time TBD
Panel Presentation:
Women Firm Leaders Share Tips to Success

Saturday, April 10th
1 hour morning time slots TBD
Leadership Development Small Group Session #1

Saturday, May 8th
8:45-11:15 am
Business and Career Development – Part 1

Friday, June 11th
Time TBD
Business and Career Development Small Group Session  #1

Saturday, June 12th
8:45 – 12:30 pm
Business and Career Development – Part 2

Saturday, July 24th
1 hour morning time slots TBD

Leadership Development Small Group Session #2

Day/time TBD
Panel Presentation: Corporate Counsel Decision Makers Share how to Earn and Keep Their Business and Succeed In-House

Friday, August 6th
Time TBD
Business and Career Development Small Group Session #2

Friday, September 24th
Time TBD
Business and Career Development Small Group Session #3

Saturday, September 25th
8:45-11:15 am
Business and Career Development – Part 3

Saturday morning, day/time TBD
Panel Presentation:
Wisdom from the Bench, the Judicial Perspective

Friday, November 5th
Time DBD
Business and Career Development Small Group Session #4

Saturday, November 6th
8:45-11:15 am
Business and Career Development – Part 4

Saturday, December 4th
8:45 – 11:15 am
Panel presentation: Ladder Down Alumni Rainmakers

Graduation: Day/Time TBD