MAMA Seattle Scholarship

The Mother Attorneys Mentoring Association of Seattle (“MAMA Seattle”) was founded in 2006 as an organization designed to empower attorney mothers and encourage professional success while celebrating our roles as attorneys and mothers. We are devoted to furthering the interests of mother attorneys in Seattle, in Washington and throughout the nation. MAMA Seattle is a source of support for attorney mothers — a place where we can network, share experiences, learn from each other, problem solve and talk about issues we face in a supportive and forward-thinking environment.

To support our mission, MAMA Seattle is committed to assisting currently enrolled law students at either Seattle University or University of Washington with the costs associated with attending law school. The amount and number of scholarships will be determined by MAMA Seattle and may vary in amount, starting from $2,500. Scholarship Recipients will be selected based on various criteria including past success and/or future dedication in supporting MAMA Seattle’s mission. Scholarship Recipients will be notified prior to and are asked to attend MAMA Seattle’s Annual Banquet on October 20, 2021 (complimentary ticket for attendance will be provided to each scholarship recipient). The format (live event vs. virtual) and structure of the event is subject to the discretion of MAMA Seattle and any guidelines and/or restrictions that may be issued by the relevant public authorities and/or health agencies. MAMA Seattle will keep Scholarship Recipients informed of the event status.

Deadline for Applications:                      September 10, 2021

Scholarship Recipients Notified:          September 24, 2021

Eligibility:     Enrolled students at Seattle University School of Law or University of Washington School of Law.

Required Application Materials:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Resume
  • Declaration relating to the Applicant’s financial situation. This is a statement of maximum 500 words for the Applicant to provide information relating to their financial situation with reference to: educational costs already incurred; future financial costs likely to be incurred during Law School; unmet financial needs; other sources of income (e.g. financial aid, other scholarships, grants and awards, financial support from family or friends, and/or other resources); other financial responsibilities besides education (e.g. previous loans, medical costs, family expenses like diapers and child care, existing debt, etc.).
  • Personal Statement of no more than 1,500 words, discussing the following topics:
    • The Applicant’s vision for how law schools and/or the law profession can support mother attorneys.
    • The Applicant’s future plans to support MAMA Seattle’s mission and goals after graduation.
  • Law School Transcript (unofficial is acceptable)
  • MAMA Seattle Membership (associate member for law students, no annual fee).


Submit all Application Materials via email to by September 10, 2021. If you have any questions, please reach out to this email address.

By submitting the Application Form and Application Materials, you consent that MAMA Seattle may process the personal data (including sensitive personal data) that we collect from you. In particular, MAMA Seattle will use information we hold about you for the purposes of selecting Scholarship Recipients.

MAMA Seattle Scholarship Application Form