2022 Sixteenth Annual Banquet

October 26, 2022

MAMA Seattle’s Sixteenth Annual Banquet was held on Wednesday, October 26, 2021. MAMA Seattle proudly presented Judge Veronica Galvan with the MAMA Seattle 2022 Betty Binns Fletcher Leadership and Justice Award. MAMA Seattle’s Betty Binns Fletcher Leadership and Justice Award is given each year to an individual who has paved the way to success for, and has served as an inspiration to, other mother attorneys striving to excel in their legal careers while balancing family demands.

Justice Veronica Galván

The Honorable Veronica Galván  serves on the King County Superior Court. She is a 1994 University of Washington School of Law graduate. She has served as an Assistant City Attorney for the City of Seattle, and also served the City of Federal Way in this same capacity. Judge Galván took the bench in 2001 as a Judge Pro Tempore, and was appointed to a full-time judicial position as an Administrative Law Judge in 2002. In 2007, Judge Galván was appointed to the Des Moines Municipal Court where she served with distinction, earning the Juez Excepcional award from the Latina/o Bar Association of Washington. Governor Jay Inslee appointed Judge Galván to the King County Superior Court in December of 2014.

While in Des Moines, Judge Galván implemented the only Spanish-language Court in the state of Washington granting hundreds of litigants the opportunity to address the court directly in Spanish.  She was recognized by her alma mater with the Dean’s Leadership Award in 2015, in 2016 she was recognized as a Woman of the Year by the Center for Women & Democracy, in 2018 earned the Vanguard Award from Washington Women Lawyers, and in 2019 was honored with the Joaquin Avila Award by Seattle University School of Law. In 2021, Judge Galván was appointed as Co-Chair of the Washington State Minority and Justice Commission.

In addition to her judicial duties, Judge Galván is currently the past Dean of the Washington State Judicial College where she has taught several courses, most recently, Emerging Through Bias: Towards A More Fair And Equitable Courtroom. Judge Galván has also been an adjunct instructor at Seattle University School of Law and has lectured extensively at legal education programs across the country.



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